● Which ad brings more clicks?
● Which ad brings more conversions?
● Which ad has a better ROI?

Once you analyze these factors and find the best headline, do the same for other components to create the perfect combination. A/B testing can be a time-consuming process, but the results it provides are fruitful. Moreover, it is the only way you can determine which ad combination is going to offer the best ROI.

Other tips to improve PPC ads ROI and ROAS

Apart from the essential steps discussed above, here are some quick tips that can add to a positive ROI.
● If you are a company advertising for a product with a registered trademark, consider using the symbols ? and ? in your ad copy.
● It is not essential to get your ads on the top position; if you are getting good ROI at #3 or #5, let it be.
● Make use of 'automated rules'.
● Don't stick to the best ad copy practices; try playing around.
● Use the term "Tap" for mobile advertising.
● Bid on your brand name
● Frequently monitor the impression share

Final thoughts

PPC advertising is a challenging game and a highly competitive one too. Therefore, achieving high ROI and ROAS can be a hassle. But, it is not impossible, and you can significantly improve your PPC ad performance by following the systematic ads set up process and making necessary optimizations. An expert with the relevant experience can be of great help in your starting phase of the campaign.

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